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Heat Wave

A reminder about watering during the heat from Sheridan Nurseries:

The most crucial task in the garden over the next few weeks is watering.  Smart watering will ensure the long term health of your lawn and garden during this heat!

Beat the Heat
with these watering tips!

  • Containers, window boxes and hanging baskets must be watered daily, perhaps even twice a day.
  • When watering, avoid contact with foliage to reduce burning.
  • In the garden bed, some plants require more water than others.  It is important to watch for wilt and water accordingly using a soaker hose.
  • Newly planted tree, shrubs and perennials need extra care and must be watered more often to establish a solid root system.
  • Give your lawn a thorough, deep watering (approximately 10 min./area) twice a week.  This is more beneficial than watering 3-4 times for a shorter time period.
  • Watering should be done first thing in the morning before the heat of the day.
  • Protect new and established plants by using Parkwood Cedar Mulch.  Not only does it look attractive, it will conserve water moisture.

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