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Seeds galore! The Seedy Sunday event at Hart House, University of Toronto, was an occasion marked by rising temperatures, tweeting birds, and slowly melting snow. All served to remind us that spring – and planting season – just around the corner. A fabulous representation of organizations, seed suppliers, vegetarian/vegan food vendors, and more set up their tables for an urban garden community that came out in droves! It was great to see some Fort Yorkies out sourcing seeds from supplies like Matchbox Garden, Urban Harvest, Mountain Grove Seed Co, UrbanTomato (specializing in …yes…tomatoes), The Cottage Gardener and more…For those wanting to know more about composting, planting, or growing organic food were pamphlets available from organizations like Canadian Organic Growers, Toronto chapter –, Toronto Green Community –, and loads of others involved in sustainability, localvorism, & etc. If the energy of the event has anything to do with it, urban gardening in toronto is doing what its meant to do – grow!


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