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Blood Orange Marmalade –

This week for a single day the snow shifted from the plots at Fort York Garden.  I took a walk through. All the snow had miraculously lifted and grass was visible on the lawn.  Last year’s parsley stared at me through its winter frost. Unharvested kale looked blackened and sad. Even last years late harvest lettuce, nipped in the bud by frost and snow, was still visible. But overall there was a feeling of awakening. Lifting up some straw I saw the vibrant green of a strawberry leaf…in a few months to be joined, I hope, by fruit. i also looked for any signs of things enjoying an early sprout: garlic…or Jane’s tulips… Later on that week, went to Fort York for their Crazy for Citrus event.  I didn’t do the marmalade workshop but afterwards I felt there was no better way to get back into the mood for gardening was to make something from someone’s garden – or orchard. Hence my Family Day batch of Blood Orange Marmalade. Oranges + water + sugar, and about 60 minutes on the simmer and a batch is ready to remind you that sunshine – and gardening – is on its way.


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