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garlic time!

Our gardens are growing.

The communal garlic plot is shooting up.

And the perennials – strawberries, rhubarb, garlic chives, and Jane’s spring

flowers are showing life.

The earth is soft, and panting for attention.

While its probably a good week or so from sowing time,

there are still things that can be attended to.

Removing  fallen tomatoes so they don’t seed…

Clearing away weeds.

Making a fence from fallen branches around the plots.

Planning how you want to plant your garden.

(And remembering about that companion plant complication)

Setting an intent for how you want your garden to be…

And what you want to make from the garden.

Plots will be allotted shortly so anyone just joining the

garden for the first year will be getting details shortly about

the garden’s official launch, which plot is “theirs”, etc.

Meanwhile, watching the garlic grow, I’m anticipating the

first of the scapes….and thinking what I’ll do with them.


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  1. Gardens on countdown! Seeds soon!


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