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New Members Dig It & Wild Bee Nest

As the sun beamed down on Fort York Garden

on April  30th it was a day for new members to

get digging and get acquainted.

Mark, Patrisha and Rebecca were on hand to show the ropes.

But mainly everyone wanted to get digging and get dirty!

Plots were cleared, the compost got feed lots of juicy new weeds,

worms found themselves disturbed, rain barrels were filled to brimming

(and in doing that the storm-the-fort

navigations of getting the hose from a to b explored).

Oh,  and a butterfly flew through…as if to say “hurry up, get planting”.

Nathalie explores some seeds.

mark holding forth by the shed!

Left: Rebecca & Nancy look at the herb garden. In the foreground, Ian gets weeding


On Monday May 2nd, a  a small  maintenance-free nest box for cavity-nesting bees will be installed in the garden by York University PhD student Scott McIvor in order to study and survey  bees found in and around the garden for the purposes of studying pollination.  The nest box will stay there till October when Scott will will collect, incubate, and emerge the immature bees and pest-controlling wasps that nest in the box,  In keeping with  their natural emergence times, the bees will then be returned  to the garden the following spring. In return for hosting a nestbox, the garden will  receive a description of the cavity-nesting bee, pest-controlling wasp, and flowering plant diversity and composition at the garden for as many years as we participate.  Fort York Garden is one of  150 sites have been confirmed in the city (mostly private gardens and green roofs), as well as a dozen TCGN gardens and several dozen locations on TRCA lands . The eventual aim of this study is to forward the cause of urban stewardship of pollinators. For more information go to <>


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