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Wild Bee Nest – Installed!

The wild bee nests installed by T. O. Bee (Toronto’s Wild Bee) whose  goal it is to bring together information and best practices to reconcile the needs of wild bees with those of humans within the urban landscape.Nestboxes provide artificial nesting space for female solitary, cavity-nesting bees and pest-controlling wasps and are usually comprised of some number of hollow tubes plugged at one end, and bound together on a stake or solid surface off of the ground and under indirect sunlight. The tubes can be made of one of a variety of materials – most often stems or bamboo reeds are used, but also bores of different widths into wood, or paper cardboard tubes.

Nestboxes are used by pollinating bees, but also pest-killing wasps important in natural garden management.

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  1. Thickens (Nathalie & Hugo)

    Nice to be gardening again. We went a little crazy with the planting on Sunday. If everything grows, we’ll be able to supply a family of 6 🙂

    See you at the garden.

    Nathalie & Hugo


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