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hello! things are sprouting!

While seeds have been sown, and seedlings planted the official date & time  for the garden’s

first communal get-together and  is Wednesday, May 25th, starting at 6.00 pm.

A nice opportunity to meet-and-greet and

for new gardeners to get acquainted with such delights as the compost!


Some of you will be bringing in seedlings.

When purchasing, check if the pots can be returned, or are recyclable.

Urban Harvest on Sorauren accept their pots back.

And Loblaws do, too.

Anyone with knowledge of other retailers who do this,  please feel free to comment.

Regardless, please don’t park pots at the garden as we have no means of disposing of them!


Your seedlings are in…

Rain may fall…But if not you will have to water.

Take care to do so gently and avoid leaf burn by watering only the roots.


The two leaves that appear when your seed starts to unfurl and poke up from the soil is called a cotyledon.

They are part of the seed and serve as food sources until true leaves are formed and the plant is capable of photosynthesis.


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  1. Hello,

    Looks like someone really likes Swiss Chard, Peas and hot banana peppers !

    Our little fence did not prevent our friends from snacking on our plants.

    Most think of a new strategy.

    • Fort York Community Garden does indeed host some nibblers including rabbits.
      All are adorable in their own way, of course.
      But prevention is necessary before you lose your entire crop.
      There is a net in the shed any gardener is welcome to use, but
      ultimately putting up some perimeter wire may be necessary.
      Regard this current nibbling as a kiss of approval.
      All should regenerate nicely!

  2. Oh, Nathalie, that’s right you do have a lil’ fence.
    Then a “top”, some netting that you can quickly fold up when tending? Will look forward to seeing your solution!


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