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urban harvest’s baby brassica greens mix…plant, eat, re-sow…

Zucchini Flowers, Strawberries, Arugula…Many of our plants, those that lasted the groundhog invasion and sent on to fruition, are nearing harvest.Today the first strawberry…Tomorrow, maybe a salad. But still there’s work to do. Weeding is necessary so that plants don’t have to fight for nutrients…(strawberries in particularobject to weeds around their roots…) Beans, their tendrils reaching up need staked (but pull out the cling vine that sometimes like to nestle beside them).Tomatoes, need to have the extra suckers that appear in the crotch of branches, pinched,  and lower branches – if diseased –  pinched.. And maybe, if one plant is shielding sun from the other, theremay need to be some re-arranging…A careful transplant… And there is that pest control stuff.  The other day H&N took lemon juice to their plot to control their red ant issue (lemon + water in a 50/50 ratio, then sprayed on the plant ) Planting of catnip, pennyroyal, peppermint, spearmint, and sage  may also be a deterrent. You can also make a tea fromthese and spray….  (lots of info here:


By any measure, zucchini plants are just starting their glorious dance of taking over the garden. Seen: On Saturday the sighting of a single zucchini flower…Is it male or female? (From the image i see a female). The female flower is a golden blossom on the end of each emergent zucchini . The male flower grows directly on the stem of the zucchini plant in the leaf axils (where the petiole meets the stem, on a long stalk, and is slightly smaller than the female. Both flowers are edible. (remove the pistils from the female, the stamens from the pale). Eat them as you like:  stuffed, battered and deep fried, baked…Its pretty versatile (and as seasonal as you can get).

 female zucchini showing off


SOLSTICE – JUNE 21ST – A day to celebrate the start of the new season and its first fruit: the strawberry. Performances by the Metis Fiddlers, Credit Women Hand Drummers, storytelling with Mississauga Elder Gary Sault and readings by veteran poet Stacey Laforme and First Nations dancers honour the land, the season and the environment. Enjoy fresh strawberries and join the Mississaugas of the New Credit for a traditional Aboriginal sunset ceremony to celebrate the summer solstice. Refreshments from Tim Hortons will be available for purchase with all proceeds going to Fort York Children’s Programs. Supported by Canadian Heritage. Admission is FREE.


Without Bees Where Would We Be?  Artificially pollinating…(And that’s a real chore!). Round the world, bees are in trouble and so will our crops unless they revive from colony wipeouts and disease….Wear yellow and black and join the buzz. Events around town are posted on the Toronto Community Garden Network site at A fun event takes Place at The Art Bar in the Gladstone…on Thursday June 24, 6.00 – 9.00.The bee celebrated in poetry, dance, art, film, and more…


Wednesday night from 6.00 pm – 9 pm (summer hours)  is our community night at Fort York Garden.A time to meet fellow plotters, exchange plants,

or seeds, or information, or help a gardener with a repair or fencing. Please plan to drop in sometime.


Yes, our garden shed is falling apart, but a new one will be coming this summer thanks to a generous grant from Walmart! (Thank you Walmart).


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