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You planted, protected them from the ravaging hoards of rabbits and groundhogs, and now there’s  something to harvest…

Coming on fast and furiously this week…

Strawberries & Arugula.

Sounds like a salad….And it is. Strawberries (slice or leave whole if small) + Arugula (or Spinach if you have it) (wash) + roasted hazelnuts (or walnuts or pine)  + Goat or Ricotta or Parmesan  cheese+ a drizzle of your favorite simple dressing (say, hazelnut oil + olive oil or some balsamic).  Or keep it really simple. Fresh strawberries and arugula, a splash of balsamic + olive oil  – that’s it!

strawberry with a robin peck (yes beware the avian aerialists!)

 lovely lima beans…

Lima Beans were seen…Surprise, also a salad!

Fresh baby lima beans + fresh corn (cooked and stripped from the cob) + diced roasted red bell pepper + fresh basil leaves + a dressing of lemon juice, oil, crushed red pepper and a sprinkle of salt.

 lovely to draw – and eat – garlic scapes!

Garlic Scapes are twisting their way into the kitchen – Could go in a salad, yes…Green, or potato…But why not a pesto!

Scapes (diced) + olive oil + lemon juice + parmesan cheese. Altogether in a blender and whirr till processed to smoothness.

Serve with a hot or cold pasta; as a cracker topping…With an omelette…. And yes, you can make basil or kale , arugula or any green pesto  the same way.

 Garden Happenings!

Fort York Garden Event-smith Sue Cohen of Sketch is hosting some events along with her creative cohorts.

Please join us. Learn something. Do something. Meet someone…Share in the joys of Fort York Garden.

JUNE 29 
5:00pm – 8:00pm
Paintings and Garden Chats
Come paint a sign for your plot! Sip cold tea and chat about our gardens, what we grow and why, and share tips and tricks to grow great veggies.
• materials provided
Hosted by: Sue Cohen and Sketch

5:00pm – 7:00pm
Foodie Workshop
Asian cold rolls and dips using all that’s good in your garden
Hosted by: Alice Liu and Laura Copeland


Despite this being pollinator week, bee sightings in the garden (by me) have been non-existent.

With our sweet pea and bean plantings, hopefully there will be more buzz  around the plots, soon.

Meanwhile. a single sweet pea blossomed this week…Hooray!

sweet pea


The blog gets a lot of visits regarding male + female zucchini.

Here we go again…

female zucchini flower

In the female, the flower sits on top the emergent zucchini like a hat at a royal wedding (or ascot).

male zucchini flower…

Note the difference? Here no baby zucchini, just a stem.

To enjoy tempura zucchini blossom (or other squash blossom) go here:


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