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You say Tomato – I say “Tons!”. Conscious Food Festival! Time for That Second Planting!

Tomatoes are having a field day at Fort York Community Garden!

Beefsteaks, millionaires, and all those heritage tomatoes with fancy names are

full to busting (yes, some, literally). Share your tomato recipes or flavors here.

Was your tomato thin or thick skinned. Juicy or dry? Slow to ripen?

Love the taste of that spring planting? Note the name and send it in!

Better still, consider saving the seeds for next year. (More on that later!)

Time To Plant That Second Crop!

If your arugula bolted…Or our feral friends got your kale…Seedlings may be hard to

come by now but there’s still time to

plant some seeds and enjoy fresh greens into the Fall. Chard, kale, salad greens

are generally quick to grow!

The Conscious Food Festival

runs Saturday August 13 – Sunday August 14 at Fort York!

Alas, nobody seems to have remembered that our community garden is a fabulous example of

food and environmentally conscious living so we were not invited to participate! Boo!

If you like to go admission is $15, but there is a $5 off coupon on the internet here!


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