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Thinking Ahead

Harvested an onion today as one of the ingredients in an Okra stew.

(The okra fresh and farmed out in Perth County).

It reminded me of a) that while gardening at Fort York is entirely pleasant

the purpose is to learn about growing your own food – and then using it to explore

new menus, new tastes, and flavors in a way that maximizes your harvest.

and b) the list of things that lies ahead

such as the late fall planting of garlic or shallots (if wanted for next year)

While the beds are currently full of everything from squash to tomatoes,

in a few weeks Fort York gardeners will be clearing their plots, and

wondering what preparations they may need to do for next year…

If garlic or shallots are to be planted, this has to be done

before the first frost. So early October is ideal.

Some prep work may be required for the soil  first,

so don’t leave it as a last minute thing. And if you want

to plant garlic, remember you will need to look beyond the

supermarket kind. We have a source, so keep in touch!


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