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Summer Starts…And a Second Season Planting Planned.

you say potato, i say a beautiful bloom.

Summer starts officially at 7.09 pm tonight. But for the gardener June 20th represents half-way through the growing season.

The seeds you planted are now blooming, or bearing fruit.  There’s some harvesting of salad greens, strawberries, raspberries (a harvest of 10 or so on my new vine!).

For those who preserve, the kitchen is  preparing for days of jam-making and pickling – anything – beets, beans…Or the making of herb-infused vinegars and oils. (Some of that coming up in our seasonal recipes page).

Second sowings may be being planned (yes, its not too late for those second season plantings…you may want to start as seeds at home, and transplant into the plot in July.)

Broccoli, lettuce, spinach, kale, cilantro, arugula, swiss chard all are good for the second part of your growing season.

The trick is saying goodbye to those plants that have passed their prime,  or have bolted and starting again. And also to keep those new plants moist and  shaded from the intense summer sun.

The solstice also tends to be last call for the plant stores who sold you those first seedlings for your garden. Urban Harvest on Queen West closes for the season after Labour Day, and most nurseries have plants at 50% off – a great opportunity to replace any weaklings that have surfaced in your garden.

In the herb garden, the borage is in bloom. Seen and noted from the seed company: seed library based in the states. Lemon-borage cookies. The link is here:


May the bees buzz, and our yields be high!


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