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Summer Sun & Summer Squash..

At the garden on a searingly hot July afternoon, a couple FY gardeners carefully tending and staking their tomatoes. Watching them from behind some long grass, and hidden from the gaze (but not mine) a rabbit surely waiting for the day the carrots are ready.  As the summer progresses, and the heat rises, what’s most notably coming to fruition in most of the plots: tomatoes and those summer squashes – most prolifically zucchini.  Lighting up the plots with their brilliant yellow blooms against their crazy big umbrella leaves, they seem to epitomize what’s good about small scale gardening (i.e easy to grow and if all goes well, abundant).  And the summer has been good for them. Last year’s crops were blighted by rain and disease and the zucchinis too often rotted before they had much of a chance Not so this year. Edible in so many ways it’s a crop to enjoy every day and every way from savory fritters, to zucchini carpaccio (recipe on the seasonal recipe page), to a loaf or muffin, or a chilled creamy soup.


WHAT do Pink Pancakes and Yellow Six Week Beans have in common?  They are both mentioned on the Officer’s Mess Kitchen Garden page. Please check it out! FY Gardeners have been helping out this summer, and enjoying some of the tastes from this historic garden.


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