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August – the light changes – some harvests come to an end…And a Workshop!

All of a sudden the long nights of Midsummer are shrinking into the shorter nights of Late Summer. As the light has changed, so have our plots. Tomatoes are still out in force. Zucchini, too, although after the recent rains some gardeners may have found that their stalks are softening, or blooms or leaves or rotting. If so, remove, and put in the black composter  (the weed one). Don’t keep diseased leaves in our plot – they could contaminate others.  August saw potatoes and then  corn being harvested, their stalks removed, and the ground prepared for some late harvest crops. If ground has been cleared, start sowing!  Kale, chard, even rapini can still be sown, these hardier greens being able to withstand even a light frost.  (You can learn about late harvest planting  at the Evergreen workshop to be held this coming Thursday, August 23rd.  (see calendar).   A late crop just making its appearance:  eggplant and for all those with strawberry plants, with enough sun and maybe some rain, those blooms will turn into a luscious strawberry!


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