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Date Location Event/ workshop title Facilitator/Info
Saturday December FYCC  Planting The Communal
 1, 3.00 pm Garlic Plot  All FYCC gardeners invited!

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  1. Hi, it sounds like there is a way to create a calendar with wordpress… or at least link a url to it (it will open up a page)
    We should probably look into a blogroll.. a connection to other like minded blogs….
    I just took a quick look at the wordpress set up and information but mostly it seems we must organize any changes through the program you downloaded from them..
    Also you need to activate us a editors etc… (I will download it and see what happens)
    p.s. I have a seeding workshop at The Stop tonight…will miss or may not… I am poor till tomorrow

  2. Katie Fullerton

    Hello – thanks for the plug on the Seedy Days! Would it be possible to have info added in to the main page and the events page for Seedy Saturday Scarborough – if you could – that would be wonderful!!

    Scarborough Seedy Saturday. Sat March 12,12-4
    at the Heron Park Recreation Centre
    292 Manse Rd ( at Larence ave east)
    Vendors, workshops and a regional green fair!
    For Info: Katie Fullerton
    Come and join Green up! Scarborough

    • Sorry, I missed this. Because we are a downtown garden and many gardeners don’t have cars we only usually include the more local walkable/bike-able “Seedy Saturdays”. Hopefully other people will have clicked the link. Please keep us informed of more happening, Katie!


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